Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Jacobs Moor-The Evil in Me

BleedingStar Records

Active since 2010, Jacobs Moor is a five-piece band that is based in Vienna, Austria and now has one full-length album and an extended EP to it's name with the release of "The Evil in Me". Having previously covered the group's full-length debut album, "All That Starts", I had high hopes for this extended EP and thankfully Jacobs Moor didn't let me down! Issued back in late November of 2015, "The Evil in Me" is just over 35 minutes in length and it includes two new studio tracks (the speed metal-tinged (hack & slash) killer title track and the equally awesome (and strangely hypnotic) "Away"!) and a handful of live cuts. For this highly-skilled/tech-savvy progressive power metal/thrash metal act this proves to be a damn wise move as it showcases the band's strength in both areas. The new studio material offers everything that I loved about this band's (independently-released) 2014 debut album only with more teeth and a greater sense of urgency! All at once melodic and menacing both of these numbers, "The Evil in Me" (5:47) and "Away" (7:28), present a clear and clean portrait of one band that has not only found it's sound, but has nearly perfected it!! Meanwhile the aforementioned live tracks (which are songs from the group's first release) are nice and punchy and offer great alternatives to the original source material! In other words it's a win-win situation for this up-and-coming progressive power metal/thrash metal act that is currently composed of Richard Krenmaier (vocals), Johannes Pichler (guitars), Rupert Träxler (guitars), Stephan Först (bass), and Rainer Lidauer (drums). Even though Jacobs Moor has always flown slightly under the radar fans and critics alike are finally starting to notice this group thanks to strong efforts like this EP. You can find "The Evil in Me" over on iTunes and Amazon and let's all hope that 2016 finds this Austrian metal collective hard at work on album number two!

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