Monday, January 25, 2016

Angel Sword-Rebels Beyond the Pale

Underground Power Records and Heavy Chains Records

What's this we have here? A brand spanking new full-length album from Finland's one and only Angel Sword? Here it is and we're almost at the end of January and I'm still getting Christmas presents? Hells to the bells fuck yeah! In case you're wondering what it is that I'm on about here's the score kids. Helsinki, Finland-based Angel Sword (Jerry Razors-vox, guitars, Sylvester Shredder-guitars, backing vox,
Eviltaker -bass, and St. Peter-drums, backing vox
) is a band that I previously covered back in May of 2015. The group's last EP, "The Midwinter Tapes", was a hotter than hell mixture of traditional heavy metal, N.W.O.B.H.M. and thrash that was topped off with (damn fantastic!) punk-like Lemmy vocals. That EP pretty much blew my head right off and made me have MAD cravings for more of Angel Sword's energetic and enthusiastic take on STRAIGHT-UP FUCKING METAL! It's obviously long-overdue, but "Rebels Beyond the Pale", which was recorded in 2015 and will be released in 2016 through Underground Power Records and Heavy Chains Records, is Angel Sword's first full-length album and to say that I was psyched to see this one appear in my inbox is an understatement!  Picking right up where "The Midwinter Tapes" left off (with all four of those tracks making their way onto this must-snag release), "Rebels Beyond the Pale" not only showcases Angel Sword's already appealing ability to blend traditional heavy metal, N.W.O.B.H.M. and thrash into something rather fucking awesome(!), but it adds a little more punk to the intoxicating cocktail as well as riff-heavy rock & roll! To go along with the previously-released four tracks off of the band's 2015 EP there are several new cuts including the killer opening number "Devastator" (a speed metal punk classic!), "Lightning Runners", "Lawmaker", "Sign of the Raven", and "Witches Never Die". Those last two cuts, "Sign of the Raven" and "Witches Never Die", are atmospheric and ambitious with the former even embracing the more doom-laden side of the late N.W.O.B.H.M. movement! The album's new material offers great insight into the overall growth of this heavy metal quartet and given time I can really see this band becoming the next big thing in the N.W.O.T.H.M. scene. That's not too say that the older material isn't just as satisfying as the new stuff. Everything that I said about this band in my last review stills holds true. If anything this album's mash-up of new and old material goes along swimmingly with Angel Sword's vast array of influences. From punk metal to traditional heavy metal it's all here and in brightly lite colors to boot! The thing is words alone cannot fully convey just how cool Angel Sword's debut album is which is why you need to hear "Rebels Beyond the Pale" for yourself. Of course once you do that it's only right that you share the discovery with all of your friends and loved ones! Heavy metal being a group sport and what not, "Rebels Beyond the Pale" makes for a hell of a satisfying soundtrack to all of the chaos and mayhem so be sure to A) Buy this one asap and then B) Play it LOUD and PROUD! Need anymore info? If you answered "Yes" then be sure to head over to the group's Facebook page. Otherwise what are you waiting for?????


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