Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Lola Stonecracker-Doomsday Breakdown

This Is Core Records

Active since 2009, Lola Stonecracker is a Bologona-based band that is currently comprised of lead vocalist Alex Fabbri, guitarists Lorenzo Zagni & Giovanni Taddia, bassist Diego Quarantotto, and drummer Christian Cesari. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Roberto Priori (Michele Luppi, Vision Divine, Danger Zone, Wheels Of Fire, Perfect View, etc.), "Doomsday Breakdown" is this hard & heavy/post-grunge band's 15-track debut album and in addition to 14 solid original compositions it includes a surprising effective cover of the Frankie Goes To Hollywood classic, "Relax"! Music-wise this rock-heavy Italian band's influences would seem to range from the "classics" (everyone and everything from Led Zeppelin, Pat Travers, The Edgar Winter Group, and Kiss to Pearl Jam, Guns N' Roses, Blind Melon, and The Cult) to more modern bands like Buckcherry, Wolfmother and Halestorm. Vocally-speaking front-man Alex Fabbri comes about as close to being Axl Rose's stunt double as they come, but if (and only if) G N' R's lead singer was less of a douche and more magic man than he could ever hope to be! Also, Axl would have had to have been made in the image of a 70's rock star and been way more clean and crisp in his vocal delivery to match what Alex has going on! Regardless, "Doomsday Breakdown" stands on it's own two feet and style-wise it covers a lot of territory. With touches of blues rock, classic rock, eighties hard rock, groove, and guitar-heavy grunge(!) this album has a lot to offer and as far as debut releases goes it seldom gets better than this! With Atomic Stuff Promotion now handling matters, Lola Stonecracker has all the right tools necessary to carve out their own little slice of the hard rock pie. Ultimately though only time will tell if the band can make it from point A to point B, but given how strong their first album is anything seems possible for these Italian rockers!  

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