Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Eisenhauer-Horse Of Hell


Formed in 2007 and featuring Simon Bihlmayer of the German thrash band Running Death, Eisenhauer is a four-piece band whose hearty sound threads the thin line between hard & heavy metal and thrash. This well-regarded four-track EP serves as the group's latest effort and it is the naturally follow-up to to the band's 2013 full-length debut, "Never Surrender". Interestingly enough "Horse of Hell" features a song called "Never Surrender" and it's a slam-dunk slab of guitar-heavy metal! But, we're getting ahead of ourselves as there are other topics on the table that need to be addressed. First off the line-up is rounded by vocalist/guitarist Christian "Waxe" Wagner, bassist Thomas "Ase" Aschermann, and drummer Johann Bechteler. The aforementioned Simon Bihlmayer handles additional guitar duties for this Bavarian quartet and the six-string department is really where it's at when it comes to Eisenhauer. The guitar work on "Horse Of Hell" is second to none and it gives this band's heavy metal/thrash sound a sweet touch of rock and roll! With Christian "Waxe" Wagner's voice serving as the cherry on the top of this metallic treat, Eisenhauer whips out four tracks of instantly enjoyable metal that is all at once classic and modern in it's approach. Self-described as "ASS KICKIN´METAL" (an apt description), Eisenhauer does the metal community a solid when it comes to the four-track "Horse Of Hell" as this one ends up being a hidden gem in a vast field of complete rubbish (AKA: Much of what passes for new heavy metal these days!). Had I actually managed to compile a "Best Of" list for 2015 this EP would have made the cut as it's the complete package: Top notch songwriting and performances that is balanced out by a stellar production! What more could a metal fan ask for then that? You can find these guys online by heading here and as the final thought I just want to thank METALMESSAGE for sending this band's information my way. Good metal isn't impossible to find these days, but it sure does help matters when you have folks like METALMESSAGE looking out for you!

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