Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Mad Hornet-Would You Like Something Fresh?


"Would You Like Something Fresh?" is a self-produced album from the four-piece hard rock/hair metal band known as Mad Hornet. It serves as the band's latest album and Mad Hornet's first collaboration with Atomic Stuff Promotion. Formed in 2006 in Maruggio, Italy (with a self-released demo entitled "Shout From The South" issued later that same year), Mad Hornet initially started out life as a melodic hard rock band (complete with keyboards and the like!) before slowly morphing into the hair metal-inspired band that stands before us now. Currently comprised of vocalist Mic Martini (Mimmo Maiorano), guitarist Ken Lance (Salvatore Destratis), bassist El Piamba (Alessandro Saracino), and drummer Beats Frank (Francesco Duggento), Mad Hornet initially had me thinking that this was Italy's answer to Van Halen. Or at the very least it was a more exotic take take on the "Hot For Teacher" boys! As the album unfolds though it becomes apparent that this more 1985 or 1986-infused hair metal group than a "1984"-inspired one. Although let's be clear about that comment. Mad Hornet is more modern in it's approach. From the album's production to the actual performances of all involved this disc is eighties hard rock and hair metal for the 2015 market. "Would You Like Something Fresh?" does have some straight-out rock moments, but more or less this one is still hair metal. It's good hair metal, but fans should know what to expect nonetheless.

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