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Scissortooth is a Vancouver, British Columbia-based metal outfit that was formed in 2003 by two former members of the band Mantra, Derek Lundblad (vocals/guitar) and Shawn Hoskins (drums). Bass guitarist Ken Firomski (Cradle to Grave, ex-Iron Gypsy, ex-Empyria) fills out the current line-up of Scissortooth with the self-produced "Novagomorrah" serving as the group's full-length debut. The CD, which has 11 tracks and clocks in at close to sixty minutes(!), was sent my way by Carly Ashbey of Asher Media Relations and I feel as if I owe her a huge debt of gratitude! With Scissortooth it's as if someone raided my (often times odd) personal music collection and (after pulling out a handful of some of my favorites albums*) pounded everything together with a HUGE hammer that was forged from the fiery remains of Type O Negative, Black Sabbath, Pantera, Disturbed, and Lamb of God! After you have a moment to check out those far-ranging  albums that I posted below you'll (hopefully) understand what all this band is packing when it comes to this dope CD! Yes, I actually just used the word dope to describe a promo that I got in the mail, but this really is one of those rare occasions where all of the stars outside align and the metal gods above and below us let out a huge scream that says "Let there be METAL!"  My only question as far as this groove-heavy & thrashomatic CD trio goes (what with it's hooks that kill and too wild to tame tempos!)  is "Where have you fine gentlemen been hiding all this time?". I really could have used your album here to vanquish the souls of my enemy you know! Because this album is MIGHTY and worth it's wait in riff-laden gold I'll let it slide this time! You've done me (and in general the scene at large) a solid by rocking it all out and then some so I've just got one more thing to add to this piece. For all of our readers you're going to want to run (That's right ladies and gents. Don't walk but RUN! And RUN as fast as you possibly can RUN!) out and grab this disc! Well, that is if you're a fan of innovative hard & heavy thrash metal that's genuine and as free of pretentious "Look at me I'm in a metal band so worship me as your new god!" nonsense as they come!  Need more info? You can find this band online here and then you can order the CD by going here.

*Among many others these albums would be "Kill 'Em All" (Metallica), "South of Heaven" (Slayer), "Music For Insect Minds" (Halo of Flies), "Damaged" (Black Flag), "Fistful of Metal" (Anthrax), "Louder Than Love" (Soundgarden), "Facelift" (Alice In Chains), "The Land of Rape and Honey" (Ministry), "Animosity" (C.O.C.), "The Best of Motörhead"** (Motörhead), "Spirit of Suicide" (God Is LSD), "Houdini" (Melvins), "Blood Farmers" (Blood Farmers), and "Slaughter in the Vatican" (Exhorder).

**I know I'm cheating by simply listing this 2CD set, but it is what it is folks.

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