Saturday, November 07, 2015

Saturday Singles: Japanese Fighting Fish – “U Ain’t Gonna Win This”

Vandal Records

Born in Leeds, but now based in London, Japanese Fighting Fish is a four-piece band that self-dubs it's sound & style as "Odd & Theatrical Space Funk Rock". Also described as "an eclectic semi-genius, semi-ludicrous mix of metal, dance, pop, Latin/Cuban beats and more stuff that probably shouldn’t ever go together." (which is perhaps a more fitting starting point when and/or if you are going to be talking to your friends and family about this eclectic English alternative rock/metal band!), Japanese Fighting Fish (or the Fish!) is as quirky as they come and that same courtesy is extended to the band's latest single here. For band members Karlost (guitar/vocals), Gareth (guitar), Al (drums), and Matt (bass) the song "U Ain’t Gonna Win This" marks the first time that the Fish have written a track collectively. Maybe that is why this single goes off in so many directions at the same time? Whatever the case might be when it comes to this single there's two things to keep in mind. The first thing is this particular song comes from the group's forthcoming album of the same name. That album is due out on 13th November and (fingers crossed here) I'm hoping to have a chance to cover it. It's got to be all kinds of crazy given this song's weird punk/funk space rock vibe*! The second thing is this song's official video (posted below) is as odd and unsettling as the single itself! And you know what? I really appreciate that small detail! If you like your rock and metal to be fun, quirky, weird, strange or whatever(!), then be sure to check this video out for yourself! I've also provided all of the appropriate links for Japanese Fighting Fish. Enjoy the show!


* The promo material that came with this hard rocking single mentioned how much appreciation "U Ain’t Gonna Win This" owed to the likes of Q.O.T.S.A. and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. Who am I to disagree? All I ask is that I be allowed to toss some Red Hot Chili Peppers into that delicious dish. Sure, my Flaming Lips might need cooled down after that, but that's where my friend Frank Zappa comes in! He's always on hand with a tall cool glass of milk and a piece of Cake or two Yum! It's all good!! Right? Sure, things can and do happen. Especially when you stop and consider how we all live and play in a dangerous Soundgarden !!! Even so I absolutely swear that this time around I will not lose myself in a System of a Down. Not again! And as far as my spiritual life is concerned? It's still there. Until Death** as they say. At the end of the day you're never going to hear me scream to the heavens how I've got  Faith No More! So my friends and fellow music lovers just keep on rocking and rolling and as always keep it loud and proud! And whatever you do please try to do something awful like list a band's influences (whether obvious or not) in the form of a short nonsensical story! You'd have to have Bad Brains to think that's clever!!

** The punk rock band...

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