Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Red Morris-Lady Rose


The recently-released "Lady Rose" is the full-length debut album from Italy's Red Morris. The brainchild of Brescia-based guitarist Maurizio Parisi (who dedicated this album to his wife Rosa), Red Morris is as much a rock guitarist with a solid reputation in his home country as he is the driving force of this genre-jumping instrumental four-piece. On "Lady Rose" Red Morris/Maurizio Parisi is joined by bassist Renato Mombelli, keyboardist Beppe Premi, and drummer Claudio Amadori as well as two guest contributors in the form of Lou Longoni and Alberto Parisi*. The resulting album is a testament to guitarist Maurizio Parisi's youthful studies of classic guitar as well his devotion to classic rock bands such as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and Cream and the work of Carlos Sanatana! On "Lady Rose" you'll find solid rock numbers like "Golden Angel", "Lady Rose", "Independence", and "Black's Eyes" nestled alongside the progressive "Mystery" (which is a jazz rocker of the highest caliber!), the Celtic "Celitica" and the bluesy "My Life Blues (Go Go)". It all leads up to the excellent "My Sea's Echoes" which closes out this heartfelt album in style! With a run-time that is over the 30 minute mark the soulful "Lady Morris" simply covers a lot of ground genre-wise. Even in-between the individual tracks on this instrumental album you'll find different genres dancing together in harmony. And yet "Lady Rose" is still very much a rock album. Every cut on this album has a simple rock groove which keeps you intoned with the action at hand. With "Lady Rose" only the first of hopefully many it will be fun to see where this Italian band goes from here. Red Morris is one band that I plan to keep an eye on! 

*Lou Longoni provides minimalist vocals on the jazz-infused "Mystery" while the apply-titled "My Life Blues (Go Go)" features rhythm guitar courtesy of Alberto Parisi.  

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