Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Angel Martyr-Black Tales- Prelude (EP)


Angel Martyr is a N.W.O.B.H.M./80's metal-inspired heavy/speed metal band from Piombino (Livorno), Tuscany that first contacted us on our Facebook page many moons ago. Having previously covered the band's self-titled EP this three-piece band was nice enough to shoot us a message about their three-track EP here. It can be found here (where you can download it for free folks!) and it features more of the same as far as cool as shit speed-tinged 80's metal/N.W.O.B.H.M. worship goes! Lead vox (of the wicked old-school variety*) come courtesy of nasty** guitarist Tiziano "Hammerhead" Sbaragli (Etrusgrave, ex-Harvest) while Dario "Destroyer Rostix" Rosteni and Francesco Taddei (ex-Etrusgrave) handle bass and drum duties respectively. All three musicians do their best to bring about maximum metal carnage and thanks to a sound and style that takes it cues from not only the likes of Iron Maiden, Angel Witch, Blitzkrieg and Judas Priest, but Omen, Exciter, ADX, and Exxplorer this up-and-coming trio almost always nails it! With the proper amount of support and a solid budget a band like Angel Martyr could really turn heads. Let's hope they get that chance. 

*The vox on this 3-track EP sound as if they were ripped straight from the early eighties, but then again s does much of the actual music! 

**Just so there are doubts as to what I'm getting at let's just call it like it is-Hammerhead shreds!!

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Blogger Leo said...

Nice one! Straight from the 80s. It reminded me Strikelight, from Greece. Cheers

3:57 AM  

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