Monday, October 12, 2015

Psychedelic Witchcraft-"Set Me Free" (Single)

Twin Earth Records

Just released last week (or Wednesday, October 7th to be precise!),  "Set Me Free" is a hot new single from Italy's one and only occult rock band, Psychedelic Witchcraft. The vision of lead singer/guitarist Virginia Monti (who I had the sincere pleasure of interviewing back in May of this year!), Psychedelic Witchcraft takes it's cue from the 70's rock scene where the likes of Coven, Black Sabbath, Iron Butterfly, Jefferson Airplane, and Cream sit hand in hand in spiritual harmony. For the absolutely fetching Virginia Monti (aka Virgin Witch) there's also a passion shared for Mario Bava, Lucio Fulci, Dario Argento, and Jess Franco and with that key piece of information in hand it's a bit easier to understand where the music's vibe comes from if you happen to be new to the band. Backed by the impressive number "Wicked Dream", "Set Me Free" serves as the follow-up to "Black Magic Man" and features a line-up of Virginia Monti (vox), Jacopo Fallai (guitar), Vanni (bass), and Daniele Parrella (drums). For this up-and-coming Italian rock act this two-track release shows a nice amount of growth and maturity and as somehow who has been a fan of Virginia Monti and Psychedelic Witchcraft since first hearing "Black Magic Man" it's wonderful to hear that kind of improvement in such a short amount of time. Naturally that goes a long way towards pointing out Virginia's dedication to her craft. With a full-length album planned for sometime down the road, "Set Me Free" shows you what can be accomplished when you put all of your heart and soul into a project and with that in mind I congratulate Psychedelic Witchcraft's amazing front-lady! As far as the who, want, when and where of this single? Well, we tackled the who (line-up) so let's address those other three. Recorded and engineered at Gold studio 63 Rome by Gabriele Romano, "Set Me Free" (the song) sounds a lot like a female-fronted Black Sabbath circa 1970! In no way is that a bad thing, but it still is what it is and there's no reason to not point it out. That being the case and all, "Set Me Free" still rules and this Italian band's vintage sound does wonders for one's psyche! And speaking of one's psyche (or calming the savage beast inside!), "Wicked Dream" moves right into your soul and then makes itself right at home! Side two of this single finds Psychedelic Witchcraft coming into their own in a BIG WAY and it is glorious! With the sinister "Wicked Dream" you get the sensation that it's all been leading up to this moment and that Virginia has been saving the best for last!!! Falling somewhere between doom metal and garage rock, "Wicked Dreams" leaves you with all kinds of wicked thoughts as it puts a spell on you that is damn near impossible to shake!!!! It's because of musical moments like "Wicked Dreams" that Psychedelic Witchcraft has quickly become one of my all-time favorite acts and I can't help but wish that this sinfully delightful band will one day tour my part of America! Until that fateful day happens I'm going to continue singing the praises of  Psychedelic Witchcraft
and I will keep on encouraging everyone that I know to check out this awesome act!

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