Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Psychedelic Witchcraft-Black Magic Man

Recorded and engineered by Gabriele Romano at Gold 63 studio in Rome, Italy, "Black Magic Man" is the the debut EP of  Psychedelic Witchcraft. A one of a kind one-woman occult/doom rock project, Psychedelic Witchcraft is based in Firenze and fronted by a demon in angel's clothing by the name of Mia. Otherwise known as Virginia Monti (or at least that is how it appears) this temptress is blessed with a hypnotic voice that will all but distort your senses and leave you standing in awe of her power! As Mia uses her soothing voice to lull you into a false sense of security your body will be stripped of it's flesh thanks to the righteous music of this Italian band! Influences range from Jefferson Airplane, Fleetwood Mac and Iron Butterfly to Black Sabbath, Trouble and Leaf Hound with the band Coven serving as a great starting point of reference. This band's (awesome) take on hell-themed seventies rock is nothing short of heavenly-inspired as witnessed by the the title track and "Slave Of Grief". One can only imagine how significant a full-length release would be for the seventies-infused Psychedelic Witchcraft, but perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself here. After all, in no way, shape or form are we finished talking about this project's driving force! In addition to her strong vocals and the magical way in which she is able to transport you back in time to the early-mid seventies Mia plays guitar alongside special guest Lorenzo Bianchi. Front-woman Mia (aka Virginia Monti) also produced "Black Magic Man" and is responsible for the seductive art-work that is posted above. With four tracks in total, "Black Magic Man" was preceded in mid-January by the single edit of "Angela" and this highly-recommend EP will be getting the royal vinyl treatment later this summer thanks to the folks at Taxi Driver Records. It will be a limited edition 10" and if  I'm to wager a guess or two it will be a hot ticket item given this EP's overall warm reception from fans and critics alike. All of which is warranted mind you (the reception and the impeding record release!) as this is one band that is just screaming to be heard by a larger audience!

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