Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Raging Dead-Born In Rage


Heavy punk/hard metal band Raging Dead was formed in 2014 by Cloud Shade (vocals, guitars) and Matt Void (lead guitar). Bassist Simon Nightmare and drummer Traci Decadence complete the line-up of "Born In Rage" and this horror-infused EP opens strong with the track "Awakening The  Damned". From there you'll be treated to numbers like "Scratch Me", "Redemption" and "Nightstalker" with the heavy rock thrash of "Vengeance" closing things out just as effectively as "Awakening The Damned" opened things up! With influences such as Rob Zombie, Marylin Manson, Wednesday 13 and the Murderdolls listed you'd be forgiven if you thought that this EP might just lean towards the electronic side of horror rock. Thankfully that's far from the case as the group's horror-inspired debut offering is more in line with The Misfits and The Exploited than Marylin Manson and Rob Zombie! Otherwise listing Skid Row as a source of inspiration, Raging Dead errs on the side of caution with this EP drawing a straight as can be line right through gritty hard rock, raw heavy metal and horror punk/hardcore. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Oscar Burato at Atomic Stuff Studios in Isorella, Brescia, Italy, "Born  In  Rage" is full of rage and fury and for that I offer a tip of my hat in appreciation towards this up and coming Italian band ! 

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