Thursday, April 30, 2015

Broken Rain-Here Comes The Pain


Listen up everyone as introductions are in order. Broken Rain is a hard rock/heavy metal band Banská Bystrica, Slovakia that is comprised of Martin Rybár (lead vocals), Filip Prašovský (guitars, backing vocals), Imrich Šimig (keyboards, guitars), Vladislav Gális (bass, backing vocals), and Branislav Končír (drums). The 12-track "Here Comes The Pain", which was produced by Ľubomír Lichý (Hematit, Liquid Boogie Roll, Metalinda, Clear, JB...) and is proceeded by a 2009 demo, is Broken Rain's debut full-length album. Formed in 2006, Broken Rain initially started out as a cover band before making the gradual move over to original material. As their early set-lists featured material from the likes of Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, and Judas Priest it is not exactly difficult to pinpoint Broken Rain's influences. At the very least these four bands make for a good starting point of reference even if Broken Rain's sound is quite a bit more in tune with 2000-era rock radio than their cover band roots suggest. Available on CD or as a digital download, "Here Comes The Pain" is a great first step for Broken Rain. It's uplifting and catchy and it is a release that gets better with each new spin! At the end of the day "Here Comes The Pain" works as well as it does because this band's fusion of heavy guitar rock, classic hard rock and straight-ahead heavy metal is both steeped in traditional and modern and relevant. For more information on Broken Rain and their full-length album "Here Comes The Rain" be sure to check out the group's online site right here.

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