Monday, April 27, 2015

Free Metal Monday: False Prophet-Murder or Mercy Live 1990

Heaven and Hell Records

Formed in 1988 during the height of  the thrash metal explosion, False Prophet is a Greensboro, North Carolina band whose 1991 album, "The Second Death", won me over a long time ago thanks to it's wickedly raw take on death-laden thrash! Bootlegs of said album seem to pop up every now and then, but this digital-only(?) release is officially sanctioned by the band. "Murder Or Mercy" is a live EP from a band that should have been at least somewhat bigger than they were and it is available as a name-your-own-price download here. It includes four tracks of heavy thrash/death and with a run time that is over the twenty minute mark it is the perfect thing to get you up and going on this Monday morning!

With it's memorable artwork and heavy thrash/death metal sound "The Second Death" is a hidden gem!

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