Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Rockstar Frame-"She's Hot" Single

Let's not mince words friends. What the word needs now is another killer female-fronted hard rock band. That's where Milan's Rockstar Frame comes in and let's all just stop what we are doing now, drop to our knees and thank the God of Rock that reigns supreme above for gifting us these gifted rockers! And now that we've paid proper homage to the Lord of all things Loud let us have a little talk about these crazy (wild child) rock n' rockers and why it is that this band's upcoming new album, "Rock 'n' Roll Mafia", might just be one of 2015's finest hard rock moments! They've been described as "New Guns N Roses with killer female vocals!" and their red hot music is as fierce and independent as their lead singer's fiery red hair is! They've won national contests in their home country and rocked the stage from one end of Italy to the other! And now they have given us a fantastic single in "She's Hot"! As you can see I've linked the single's official music video below and it is every bit as hot as the song's title! And the answer is a firm no! I'm not just talking about front-lady Faith Blurry when I say the video's red hot (even if she is a very lovely lead singer). Instead I'm talking about "She's Hot" as a total package deal. When you take this band as a whole a song like "She's Hot" has it all! The vocals offer a great deal of punch, but then again so does the music! Given the influences of Rockstar Frame that's not all that surprising. They range from the likes of Guns 'n' Roses and Aerosmith to more straight-forward and traditional classic rock, but what really makes this band special is the fact that there is even some classical music tossed into the equation! All told this band has the looks and the sound to take it as far as they want and with their full-length album reportedly every bit as good (if not more so!) as this rock-solid single there's no time like the present to be a fan of high-class hard rock! Stay tuned for more! 

PS: Bonus points awarded for the Motörhead shirt!

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