Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Svart Records

Formed in the summer of 2014, Kesä (which translates to Summer) is a brand new Finnish rock project from a group of musicians with prior ties to such local hardcore and punk bands as Lighthouse Project, ILLS and Total Recall. Based in Helsinki, Kesä  is lead by vocalist/lyricist Toni Salminen with Eetu Blomqvist, Santeri Suominen, Antti-Ville Muurman and Kimmo Saastamoinen rounding out the fold. Despite the roots of it's band members, Finland's Kesä is more post-rock than punk rock with hardcore all but scrubbed out of the equation in favor of new wave, industrial/electronic rock and New Romanticism. On their soon to be released debut album (which you can be pre-order here) lead vocalist Toni Salminen and his companions embrace the look and feel of 1980 something punk/new wave while simultaneously throwing themselves head-first into the underground post-rock/post-punk sounds of tomorrow. It's a case of all or nothing/do or die for the members of Kesä and even if their eponymous debut is cold and bleak it's still capable of leaving a warm impression inside. Available on CD and LP, "Kesä" beats it's own drums proudly and without a hint of fear and for that I can't help but fully embrace it all the more!

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