Sunday, April 19, 2015

Bad Guys-Bad Guynaecology

Riot Season Records

It's sounds like a bad joke, but here goes. What do you get when you lock two Englishmen, a Canadian and a Hungarian together in a filthy rehearsal room, force feed them shit food and even shittier booze and then tell them there is no way in hell that they are getting out of this London Dungeon until they have provided you with the perfect soundtrack to that hole in the wall (read: DUMP) joint down the street? If you answered Bad Guys then be sure to go and pick out one treat from the prize box. But if your answer was "Bad Guynaecology" then be sure to grab an extra treat for yourself as that is the exact name of dive-bar inspired masterpiece! Wait, you don't know which dive bar I'm talking about? Oh, sorry about that. It's the one where they like to host underground boxing and wresting matches and the air always seems to smell of cheap cigarettes, stale beer, greasy fried "food", pot and sweat. Well, it's mostly (stink palm) sweat but you get the general idea. It's also the dump where bar fights are a everyday occurrence and the chicken wire that encases the front stage is as much for the audiences' protection as it is for the bands! Do you recognize the place now? Yeah? Well, I'd wager a crumpled up twenty that Bad Guys would not only recognize such a place but that they would fit right in! And that's all thanks to the red hot way in which these four rock the living hellights out of "Bad Guynaecology"! Working with producer Jaime Gomez Arellano (Ghost, Cathedral, Angel Witch) proved to be a blessing for Bad Guys as they have cranked out a finger lickin' and ass kickin' sophomore release that is by God all kinds of  loud and proud! When it comes to Bad Guys we're talking about a band whose beer-soaked take on heavy rock/heavy metal is nothing short of amazing and that's all thanks to the fact that these guys have a balls-deep kind of love & appreciation for the likes of Sleep, Deep Purple, Electric Wizard, Motörhead, Harvey Milk, Black Flag, MC5, ZZ Top, Killdozer and Black Sabbath. The music of Bad Guys is all of that glorious goodness smashed and bashed together with a case of Natural Light and a box of cardboard pizza and damn if this doesn't just remind me of the underground punk, rock and metal scene of my youth then I must just be off my golden oldie meds again! This one's fine as wine's just so fine....

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