Monday, April 06, 2015

Them County Bastardz-Sick Daze

Smokehouse Records

Formed back in 2013 and based in Essex County, Them County Bastardz is the answer to the age old questions "Does Canada have it's own special breed of rednecks?" and "What would happen if said Canadian rednecks formed a countrified hard rock/heavy metal band?". Otherwise what we are looking at when it comes to the 27 minute plus "Sick Daze" is one band taking a little from this ("Cowboys From Hell'-era Pantera) and a little from that ("Facelift"-era Alice in Chains) by way of the likes of AC/DC, Black Label Society, "Blind"-era C.O.C., Damageplan, Godsmack and Hell Yeah. If that sounds your idea of the perfect party mix (and really why wouldn't it??????) then by all means snag a copy of "Sick Daze" and let the good times roll!

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