Thursday, April 02, 2015

The Unholy-Demo


Formed in 2011 by lead vocalist Sara Steel and guitarist Nuno Nightmare (ex-Midnight Priest), The Unholy are a female-fronted traditional/classic heavy metal that  lists the U.S. power metal scene of the eighties as it's primary source of inspiration. More specifically we're talking about Savatage, Riot, (early) Queensrÿche and Vicious Rumors with band front-lady Sara Steel (a class act whose voice has already been compared to the likes of Leather Leone, Ann Boleyn and Barbara Malteze) personally citing the late great Carl Albert (Ruffians, Scratch, Vicious Rumors and Villain) as her greatest influence. Recorded at BPM Studios in late 2013 by Paulo "Paulão" Vieira (Ironsword, Midnight Priest, Ravensire, Perpetrator, etc.) and featuring the three following cuts, "Open The Gates", "She Comes From The Grave" and "Queen Of Thunder", this eleven minute plus demo has become the talk of the town (or if you will the heavy metal community at large and especially amongst critics who already recognize the explosive potential of this Portugal four-piece!) thanks in no small part to the tremendous talent of this Coimbra-based band! Initially released on CD with a limited-run of only 300 copies (with one CD now going for nearly 27 dollars on eBay!) the demo quickly sold out as did the extended-edition vinyl re-release by Underground Power! That particular vinyl version tacked on two rather fitting cover songs in the form of Scratch's "Dying To Live" and Liege Lord's "Rage of Angels" and if it is ever possibly to do so then I hope to add to my own personal LP collection! The thing is that's neither here nor there as once again we have a review where I seem to be getting ahead of myself! So, back to the demo at hand. As it is sold out I found myself turning directly to the band members themselves and they were kind enough to send me the mp3s of "Open the Gates", "She Comes From The Grave" and "Queen of Thunder". On the band's demo the line-up features not only Sara Steel and Nuno Nightmare but bassist Joe "The Lion" Dalton (Midnight Priest) and drummer Alex Animal (also of Midnight Priest). These days it's Dangerous Dave on the drums, but on this three-track demo it's worth pointing out the whole Midnight Priest connection. I actually have Midnight Priest's 2011 self-titled album and I can honestly tell you that the same rhythmic chemistry found on that release is alive and well on this demo! There's nothing wrong with the bass and drums on this 2014 demo and the same thing goes for Nightmare's guitar playing. Musically-speaking The Unholy are right up there with classic acts like Savatage (a huge influence!), Crimson Glory, Taist of Iron, Warlock, Villain, Leatherwolf, Hellion, Chastain and Helstar as well as newer acts like Lady Beast, Sign Of The Jackal, Huntress, Mandrágora and Satan's Hallow. In other words The Unholy are are the best of both worlds (the well-loved and forever-valued old metal scene of the eighties and today's revitalized and hungry like a beast new scene that hell bent for leather at all costs!) while having one not-so- secret tool in it's arsenal that is going to aide them in their hunt for global conquest! And that is the one and only Sara Steel and man alive does she ever have a seriously sick weapon of mass destruction in those raging pipes of hers! The fittingly-named "Open the Gates" finds Sara Steel rushing the stage and from that point forward it's all but "Game over man!" as her voice flat-out kills! As in "Kill 'em all and let God sort 'em out!" with the wicked guitar work of Nuno Nightmare simply picking off any stragglers! It is little wonder then that this band has already sold out it's physical stock of this metalized demo and has taken to playing some of the biggest gigs of their short band life including the upcoming Keep It True festival! Thankfully there is talk of a full-length album in this band's future especially seeing as this demo left me craving more material from this delightfully dark and deadly-serious four-piece band! The Unholy took me by force with this short but sweet demo and while I can't help but feel as if this Portugal metal band has possessed me internally I'm all but a willing slave now to their terrific take on classic and U.S. power metal!

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