Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Eden's Curse-Live With The Curse

AFM Records

"Live With The Curse" is the first ever live-album from U.K. melodic metal/power metal band Eden's Curse. It was recorded on November 28th, 2014 at The Classic Grand in Glasgow, Scotland and it features some twenty tracks spread over two CDs. For Eden's Curse fans this live collection should be a must pick-up as it features tracks from all four studio albums by the band. The opening number is actually the title cut from the band's 2013 album, "Symphony Of Sin", and that particular album seems to be the main source of inspiration for this 2 disc live album. That makes sense as "Symphony Of Sin" would have been the album that Eden's Curse was touring behind, but whereas the actual album felt somewhat flat and more geared to AOR fans the live interpretations of these songs offer a great deal more for metal fans. On the live stage Eden's Curse cranks up the power and gives the audience more than enough reason to rise to it's feet and celebrate with this well-known and loved UK act! I'll be the first to credit the band in that regard. While I've never been a fan of their studio work there is a real sense of energy and even strength as the band runs through material from 2007's "Eden’s Curse", 2008's "The Second Coming", 2011's "Trinity" and of course 2013's 2013’s "Symphony Of Sin". For what it is "Live With The Curse" is a damn nice set. It might not be enough to make me want to go back and reevaluate the band's studio albums, but as happens far too often Eden's Curse seems like a band better suited for a live environment where they can let loose and get real. Their sound is rooted in melodic metal and power metal, but with traces of hard rock and AOR added in to the mix it can come across as "soft". But, it's hard to be "soft" when you find yourself surrender by metal hungry crowds screaming for more. Thank God for that right?

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