Monday, April 13, 2015

NitroVolt-Dirty Wings

Mausoleum Records
Self-dubbed "the loudest and fastest band out of Germany", NitroVolt is a "speed rock" four-piece with a grand total of three full-length albums to it's name. Jam packed with hot and gooey goodness, "Dirty Wings" is the latest (and perhaps greatest?) release from this beer-drenched collective and for band members NitroTom (vocals/guitar), Louis Nitrovolt (bass), NitroTim (guitar) and NitroUlas (drums) it's all fun and games especially after everyone get's their eyes poked out by NitroVolt's larger than life sound! That immensely enjoyable sound could best be described as a drunken hot mess of late seventies/early eighties punk, (amplified) garage rock 'n' roll, hard rock/heavy metal, 80's speed metal and Motörhead and as good as that sounds on paper it's even better when cranked loud and proud! "Dirty Wings" is exactly what these (fast, fun and freakish) punk rock 'n' rollers need in order to finally overtake such similarly-styled bands as Speedealer and Zeke and it's one album that is all but guaranteed to drive those pester neighbors of yours crazy! What more could anyone ask for? 

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