Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Fractal Mirror-Garden of Ghosts

Third Contact

A year removed from the critically acclaimed "Strange Attractors", Fractal Mirror returned with this inspirited 11-track recording. Unfortunately I missed the initial gathering and it is only now that I find myself swept up in this post-rock/progressive rock sound-scape which serves as this intellectual band's sophomore release. Composed around the concept of relationships in the 21st century, "Garden of Ghosts" is as much a message of love and hopefulness in a brilliantly colored world as it is a bitterly tragic reminder of the hopelessness of man when he's left alone to his own devices. Depending on the day and the time and one's frame of mind it's an overly-observant album that can lift you up as easily as it can let you go. It's sweet and sad. Happy and haunted. Really it's whatever you want it to be. All of which makes it just as brilliant (if not more so) as Fractal Mirror's "Strange Attractors". That is if you abide by rule of thumb that the best kind of recordings are the ones that are wide-open to interpretation and grant you free range. Given the opportunity to roam freely and to indulge your senses a release like "Garden of Ghost" can give you hope as much as it can validate your loneliness. Sometimes it can even do both. For those of us who walk between the bright sun of daytime and the shadow's of night it's hard to find such an understanding voice as what "Garden of Ghost" offers. If that doesn't describe and the idea of filling in the blanks with your own colors isn't your thing then don't worry. The great thing about "Garden of Ghost" is how easily it can be filled with exotic ingredients or simply digested as is. In other words you can just take this one right out of it's package, plug it right in and enjoy Fractal Mirror for who they are (a well-seasoned/cleverly-crafted post-rock band overflowing with enough creative energy to run hundreds of after-school musical programs!) and what this album is (a smooth and smart mixture of post-rock, progressive rock, alternative rock and dream pop!). It's that simple. Not that the album is simple of the talented people involved with it's creation are. No, it's just nice to be able to offer a release that can be enjoyed as a one time event or over the course of repeated listens. Either way you can't go wrong so be sure to check this one out friends as it's too good to be kept hidden!

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Blogger Frank said...

Thanks for the kind words Andy! We are nearly done composing the next one (or two) and will be making announcements shortly. Glad you enjoy Garden of Ghosts.
Frank Urbaniak

8:23 AM  

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