Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Dirty Shirt-Dirtylicious

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Anyone remember Dirty Shirt? I sure do. How could I not? It isn't every day that you get introduced to one of rock and roll's most pioneering, unconventional and innovative bands! "Crossover Folkcore Metal" might just be this Romania band's official tag, but I know it's only rock 'n roll and I like it, like it, yes, I do! Oh snap! Here I am getting ahead of myself once again (once more for like the billionth time!) so let's rewind the old VCR tape and hit pause when we get to this point where we first meet Romania's Dirty Shirt. It was actually back in December of 2013 that I covered the group's third full-length album, "Freak Show", and had a interview with band member Mihai Tivadar. Self-described as one of the most original and active rock bands in Romania, the award winning Dirty Shirt is based in Seini and their far out (as in WAY FAR OUT THERE!) style combines folk music with hard rock and heavy metal. In and of itself that might not sound all that unique as there are plenty of folk rock and metal bands making the rounds these days. Truth be told the group's use of traditional instruments like the violin, clarinet, accordion and cimbalom (dulcimer) isn't that innovative either. On paper it sure sounds like a case of been there done that right? The key phrase there would be "on paper" as the truth of the matter is when it comes to "Dirtylicious" we're talking about non-stop craziness where all that you can expect is the unexpected! I'd love to be able to use the term "punk" when it comes to the music and lifestyle of Dirty Shirt, but the only thing punk about this band would be their refusal to conform to convention folk metal standards. On their past releases Dirty Shirt would toy with punk rock just as much as they would toy with everything from electronic rock to funk. With "Dirtylicious" the band still splices and dices the folk with other styles of music but mostly it's just spoonfuls of rock, hard rock and (most importantly) metal. In a way it's a more "traditional" or "straight-forward" sort of album. Or better yet it's a more focused effort. Because really Dirty Shirt is still Dirty Shirt. This is still the same group of funtastic rockers who can make armageddon look and feel like a well-orchestrated, black tie event. And yes, Dirty Shirt is still capable of clearing out a room chock full of the fuddy-dubby faster than you can say "Ladies and gentlemen I'd like you to put your hands together now for the comedic stylings of Pope Francis"! In other words Dirty Shirt is as wicked and wild as they were on "Freak Show" only now they are out there on the streets dealing a more pure product. And what a trip that product produces! Three cheers and free beer all around for the makers* of the marvelous album! Produced by band member Mihai Tivadar, "Dirtylicious" is not to be missed! You can order Dirty Shirt's new album over at the group's bandcamp page and if you haven't had the chance to read either my review of "Freak Show" or the interview that I did with band member Mihai Tivadar then be sure to head right here friends!

*In addition to band members Dan "Rini" Crăciun (vocals), Robert "Metalistu" Rusz (vocals), Mihai Tivadar (guitars, synths), Cristian Bălănean (guitars), Dan Petean (guitars), Pál Novelli (bass) and Vlad "X" Ţoca (drums) the album "Dirtylicious" featured the following guests:

Assica Jelba-additional synths on "Dirtylicious" and "Dulce-i vinu"

Transylvanian Folkcore Orchestra: Marius Sabo (violins), Andrei Oşan (clarinet), Leonard Negrea (cimbalom), Ciprian Ghiaţă (accordion) and Cserey Csaba (percussion).

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