Monday, December 02, 2013

Dirty Shirt-Freak Show

Est Ouest - Est Vest

Released back in February of this year, "Freak Show", which was produced by Mihai Tivadar & Charles "Kallaghan" Massabo, is the third studio album from "rock/metal" band Dirty Shirt. This Romanian act features two vocalists in Dan "Rini" Crăciun and Robi "Metalistu" Rusz  and is rounded out by Mihai Tivadar (guitars, synths, programming), Cristi Bălănean (guitars), Pali Novelli (bass) and Vlad "X" Ţoca (drums). Now, it was actually Mihai Tivadar who sent me a email asking if I'd be willing to give "Freak Show" a listen and review it. I'm always happy to accommodate such requests (especially when bands say please!) although the difference between the email request's title of "Balkan Crossover Metal from Romania" and the actually reality of what Dirty Shirts is all about is a bit striking! On their latest release this band is technically "crossover" if you consider throwing everything and the kitchen sink into your music crossover. Describing the group's actually sound on "Freak Show" would be almost impossible as there is ANYTHING and EVERYTHING going on here and yes friends, it is rather freakin' awesome (and then some!) so sit back and enjoy this wild ride! Check this out. We have the "typical" sounds of rock and roll and heavy metal from what is said to be one of the most original bands in Romania. But then you're also treated to funk, punk, hardcore, thrash, death metal (mostly it comes crashing out in some of the album's sick & twisted vocal deliveries!) elctro, world music, Romanian traditional music, folk rock, rap-like rock and even some nu metal! Oh yeah, you better believe that it is crazy folks, but at it's heart it's still very much a "loud and proud" kind of release from a group that obviously has way more talent in their little individual pinkies then most groups have collectively! Is "Freak Show" the right fit for everyone? Maybe not, but it sure as hell is fun, interesting and very creative! It's one of those rare albums where it keeps you glued to your seat just waiting to see what pops up next. You can hear it yourself at the link below (and trust me you'll want to hear "Freak Show" for yourself as it's just too original to be missed) and maybe even find out what it is exactly that makes this band tick!

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