Saturday, November 30, 2013

Eron-Never Enough


Don't be fooled by either the band's name or their newest album's title. For that matter don't be lead astray by the almost misleading album art. Olso's Eron, whose four members look as if they just might be young enough to be my children (!), are a legit source of heavier then hell metal. Scratch that. Eron, and this 8-track release (which came out on 12/12/12!), are heavier then hell thrash metal! "Come and get your groove on ladies and gentlemen!!" thrash metal to be exact. With vocalist/bassist Benjamin Danielsen leading the charge this five (give or take) year old band take their inspiration from not only more modern sources (Lamb Of God, Mastodon), but also the good old days (ie: the eighties!). While the groove might have come from the likes of Pantera, Exhorder and Suicidal Tendencies there also seems to be elements of group's like Anthrax, Slayer, Intruder, Metallica, Excel, Sacred Reich, Overkill, Exodus and Lääz Rockit. That said, you really should not go looking to pick up a copy of "Never Enough" if it's just another throwback, Bay Are-infused, retro act that you're longing for! Eron are more a combination of all of the above while they are also like none of the above! Wait, what? Well, here's how it all plays out. The band, which also features guitarists Edi Hasic & Jan Nielsen and drummer Fredrik Westby, rock out to their own beat and have been around long enough to tear things up on their own terms. As I delightfully partook in this 8-track collection of groove heavy thrash a few things came to mind that set this Norwegian act apart. First off we have the lead vocals of Benjamin Danielson. Sure he does front a thrash band, but his vocals are somewhat tuned differently then most bands playing this extreme form of metal. For whatever reason he had me thinking about bands like Discharge and Nuclear Assault. I'd hesitate to say his vocals are hardcore as they really aren't. Can I say his voice is "alternative" in nature without getting burned alive at the stake? I mean call it what you will but he comes off as different in a cool way. So, that kind of makes Eron stand out as a band. Also, "Never Enough" finds a band that isn't afraid is lay down heavy riffs that could have simultaneous come from punk and hardcore's heyday as well as the N.W.O.B.H.M.scene! There is also a keen sense that these four like to rock out. Straight, no chaser, rock and roll, rock out. I can't vouch for the group's earlier material*, but on these 8-tracks the gentlemen in Eron give their groovy thrash a shot of rock and roll adrenalin that is contagious!  And yet Eron are very much a crunching entity who are more then mosh worthy. It goes without saying then that "Never Enough" is a no-brainer as far as getting my highest recommendation! We're talking about a group that has all the aggressiveness of a crazed pit bull while still finding time to shake their groove thing! It's like getting hit over the head with a pitcher of beer while dancing your way through the pit! You can find out more about this group and how to snag a copy of "Never Enough" here:

*In addition to this stone cold kickin' release the group also have a 2007 EP to their name called "Poor Norwegian Metal". Although it must be noted that the EP features other musicians then the one's involved with "Never Enough" so chances are it's not likely going to rock the fuck out like this sweet ass album!

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