Friday, November 29, 2013

Truth Corroded-The Saviours Slain

AFM Records

Tracing their roots back to 1997, before self-releasing their debut EP, "Fuel The Chain", in 1999, Adelaide, South Australia-based Truth Corroded are a heavy thrash/death metal band inspired by the likes of Sepultura, Vio-lence, Dark Angel, Testament, Forbidden (whose Craig Locicero guests on lead guitar on the track "They Are Horror")Slayer, Exodus, Death Angel and Kreator. On their latest LP, "The Saviours Slain" (their third full-length release since 2005) lead vocalist Jason North and company (which includes the group's only other original member, bassist Greg Shaw) release a (consistently) intense album that lyrically (and apparently theme-wise), is overflowing with strong political, religious and social messages. As most readers are probably more concerned though with how it's all packaged and delivered then here's what matters most. Between the near death-like vocals of Jason North and the insane audio assault that you get from the misc. musicians that feature on this album (including newcomer Wayne Batters on rhythm guitar) you've got more then enough extreme elements to satisfy your hunger for death thrash. Especially if  death thrash is (as the kids say these days) your "jam"! Sandwiched between demonized lead vocals and old-school leads that are meant to shatter glass you'll find yourself confronted/comforted (depending on well you find yourself suited to a life where pulverizing metal is the norm) by an underlying sense of crunchiness. And God bless the crunchiness of bands like this to. Anyway, besides the above-mentioned "inspirations", which would also seem to include everyone from Destruction to Possessed, Truth Corroded have a sound that brings to mind a couple of more "modern" bands like Lamb of God (who Truth Corroded has supported in the past), Devildriver and The Black Dahlia Murder. Also, in addition to guitarist Craig Locicero, the album features guests such as Malevolent Creation's Bret Hoffman (who provides guest vocals on the cool track "Last Of My Flesh") and seasoned drummer Kevin Talley (Battlecross, Daath, Misery Index, Chimaira). All told "The Saviours Slain", the fifth overall full-length release from Truth Corroded, gives fans of death thrash everything they desire. From gruff  "I just gargled with a bunch of thumbtacks and allowed the demons from The Exorcist to check in as guests in this hotel of mine that I call my soul" vocals to razor wire-like lead guitar solos that slice and dice like an escaped metal hospital psycho (one with a "To Do" list where the only thing written down is "Kill! Kill! Kill!") this is one album that has all the perfect hallmarks of a winner. This one should make death thrashers the world over smile. No matter whether you find yourself moved by their (deeper-then-most) social justice lyrics or you just like the fact that the band's extreme music is likely to scare the bloody crap out of your next door neighbors this release should put Truth Corroded in a bigger light!

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