Friday, April 24, 2015

Pyramaze-Disciples Of The Sun

Inner Wound Recordings

Seven long years have passed since Pyramaze's last album, "Immortal". Now armed with a new lead vocalist in Terje Harøy (Teodor Tuff, ex-Memorized Dreams) and having been blessed with the good fortune that is guitarist/bassist and producer Jacob Hansen (Invocator, ex-Eidetic, ex-Jacob Hansen, ex-Beyond Twilight, ex-Anubis Gate, ex-Maceration, ex-Broomshanka, ex-Guffe & Jacob) this Danish power metal band marks it's return with the excellent "Disciples Of The Sun". Initially founded in 2002 by guitarist Michael Kammeyer, with such top-tier vocalists as Lance King, Matt Barlow and Urban Breed having helped make this melodic power metal act the popular band that they are now, Pyramaze made their debut in May of 2004 with the well-received full-length album "Melancholy Beast". Since that fateful moment the band has seen more than it's fair share of line-up changes with today's version featuring sole original members Jonah Weingarten (keyboards) and Morten Gade Sørensen (drums). Despite all of the shake-ups Pyramaze has remained a rather consistent band with both "Legend of the Bone Carver" (2006) and "Immortal" (2008) receiving similar high praise as this band's debut album. With guitarist lead Toke Skjønnemand rounding out the band's line-up on "Disciples Of The Sun" and guests like Joost Van Den Broek (ex. After Forever, Star One),
Kim Olesen (Anubis Gate) and Henrik Fevre (Anubis Gate) stopping by to lend a hand
the band's forth full-length album is one that should appease fans and newcomers alike! New lead singer Terje Harøy proves his worth well before "The Battle of Paridas" wraps up and from the album's brief instrumental opener, 
"We Are the Ocean", to this album's last call (the sublime "Photograph") there's seldom a dull moment! "Disciples Of The Sun" offers one splendid cut after another and thanks to the production job of Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Amaranthe, Epica, Evergrey) everything sounds clean and clear! Making a case for this album is an easy task as both the songwriting and the individual performances of each band member falls remarkably close to phrase "Absolute Perfection"! And thanks to the vast amount of "exotic" ingredients that went into the making of Pyramaze's latest release (heavy rock, hard rock, melodic metal,
progressive rock/power metal, U.S and European power metal and even heavy power metal/thrash!) this is an album that keeps on giving with each new spin! "Disciples Of The Sun" was a pleasant surprise on this snow-covered day in dreary old Ohio and it's one release that I plan to come back to soon enough! 

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