Thursday, April 23, 2015

Witchingseason-"The Healer" Single

Hey! Hey! Listen up!!! All you hard and heavy alt-rockers look this way. You're going to want to place a huge X on April 27th. Why? Because that is when Witchingseason will release their brand new single, "The Healer"! With a full-length album due for release later in 2015 this single is a nice treat for hardcore fans of this UK act as well as those who just love to watch rock and roll get consumed by the fires of the night! Now, I first heard this band back in August of 2014 when I covered their single "Spiders" and later on in October of that same year I had the extreme pleasure of reviewing their self-titled EP. Given the band's oddly cool and collected (dark arts of rock) approach to what was then some of the tastiest post-grunge/heavy garage rock even I couldn't help but feel a little tinge of happiness in this black heart of mine! With "The Healer" my heart has grown too big to describe as this band's songwriting and overall performance seems to get better the deeper Witchingseason goes underground! Featuring vocals from Leogun's Tommy Smith, "The Healer" is jingle jangle trash rock for a naive generation that likes to think that they've heard it all when it comes to post-grunge, hard rawk and stripped to it's core garage metal. If this trio's new album is anywhere as good as this is then we are all going to be dancing in the darkness together and having a wonderful time!

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