Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Witchingseason-"Spiders" Single


Heavy rockers would do well to take note. Here's another tasty new treat from my friend Lizzie over at Quite Great PR.  Having already received some fantastic (and damn-straight warranted!) feedback from the likes of Phoenix FM host, Scott Sparx, "blown away by their music!... and couldn’t wait to share them" and advice from Alain Johannes (Them Crooked Vultures, Queens of the Stoneage, Chris Cornell) before one of his shows*, the hard rock trio Witchingseason offer up the freshly-released single "Spiders" with a follow-up single,"Codeine", due to be released on October 1st. Heavily influenced by the likes of Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, Screaming Trees, Pearl Jam, Mudhoney and Queens Of The Stone Age this explosive trio is lead by guitarist/vocalist Tom Reynolds with the rhythm section of James Willans and Wayne Summers (bass and drums respectively) rounding out the fold. In a word "Spiders" is HEAVY while the band as a whole comes across as early nineties grunge/alternative rock tumble-dried in 2000 something modern rock. Making this old rocker hit the repeat button a few times, "Spiders" (which can be download on Amazon and iTunes) finds a band that knows how to merge gritty hard rock guitar riffs, post-Black Sabbath bass lines and melodic, Chris Cornell-like lead vocals into one glorious, can't miss (and most assuredly can't help but fall in love with!) rock cruncher with the reported November 10th EP release an event that I will be marking down on my calender! Find these guys on Facebook here:

*Alain Johannes was apparently impressed enough by the promise of Witchingseason as he ended up talking to the trio for several hours even buying them a few beers!

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