Monday, August 04, 2014

Free Metal Monday: Seventrain-"Bittersweet Seduction" Single

Seventrain are a blues-infused classic hard rock band from San Diego, California. Among it's ranks the group features former Cage guitarist Eric Horton, 24-7 SPYZ drummer Joel Maitoza and bassist Steve (Dino) Andino (formerly with Tourniquet). Along with lead vocalist Jon Campos (who others before me have rightly pointed out brings to mind Ron Young of Little Caesar fame!) and guitarist Jef Poremba this California act performs a version of blues metal that comes across as being very late eighties/early nineties in style with a pinch of modern day appeal! The group, which should appeal to my generation (ie: anyone who came of age during the late eighties/early nineties, is offering a free mp3 download of their (solid) single "Bittersweet Seduction" from their self-titled debut. You can find that below along with a link to the official video "Bittersweet Seduction" and the group's Facebook page.

Free Single:

Official video:

Facebook page:

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