Monday, July 28, 2014

The Fireflies-The Fireflies


Harry Shearer (lead vocals, guitars) and Luca Serino (guitars) are The Fireflies and this charming London-based duo might just represents one of pop rocks best-kept secrets. That might sound like a bold proclamation to make, but this poetic EP more then backs up that claim thanks to it's soulful take on pop rock and roll. Having first sampled the track "Silver Leaflets" (the lead off single from this delightful EP) I jumped at the chance to hear more music from this dynamite new act. Especially seeing as Harry Shearer's great voice channels the spirit of James Taylor! Needless to say I was not disappointed! With "Silver Leaflets" The Fireflies offer up a blissful take on (radio-worthy) modern day adult contemporary rock/alternative rock. Meanwhile those wonderful James Taylor-like vocals give extra charm to the number  "Leaving Home" which, besides featuring some wonderful interplay between voice and guitar, is folk-rock for today's enthusiastic youth! More folk-leanings come into play on refreshing cuts like "Rise and Fall", "She Walks" and "Stop Running" although each and every number on this EP appears as if plenty of attention was paid to pop rock sensibilities. The Fireflies excel at creating meaningful songs that are soft and sensible and if I was to make a judgement call as to what party in particular would benefit the most from this near-perfect collection I would have to point towards casual, everyday folks who enjoy great conversation and a nice glass of wine at the evening's end!

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