Monday, July 14, 2014

Deceptic-The Artifact

Dead End Exit Records

Their Facebook page describes their own sound as  "Modern Melodic Progressive Metal". That's sort of a catch all description right? That's Göteborg, Sweden's Deceptic for you. What began in the "early and cold coast of Gothenburg" in the year of 2011 has slowly transformed into the band that stands before you now. That band currently features the following members:

William Gustafsson - Vocals
Tony Gullquist - Guitars
Dennis Svensson - Drums

Otto Halling - Bass
Martin Carlenfors - Guitars


The only thing is both Otto Halling and Martin Carlenfors came on-board after the recording of "The Artifact". And speaking of "The Artifact" it sounds as if this (long worked on) album was a self-produced/self-recorded project that then benefited greater from having Tue Madsen From Ant Farm Studios (famous for working with bands like The Haunted, Dir En Grey, Mnemic, Dark Tranquility etc.) mix and master the recordings when they were all wrapped up. Oh, and then there is the fact that it was only AFTER the band had the masters of "The Artifact" in their hands that they went out and looked for a record label! So, in a very real way this is a D.I.Y. project. While there was a 2011 EP released from the band it featured a different line-up then the one we see today. And besides, "The Artifact" is what we are talking about today and for the band Deceptic all of the hard work and patience sure seems to have paid off! Deceptic's "The Artifact" practically jumps out of the speakers with opener "Heart Of The Swarm" and (fair warning here so pay heed!) it rarely lets up even as this Swedish band explores other genre elements such as melodic hardcore, alternative metal and even metalcore. Vocally-speaking William Gustafsson excels at both singing and doing the whole heavy screaming thing (there's even some near death metal growls going on here!) and his (studio) brother's in arms (Tony Gullquist and Dennis Svensson) play with such fury and energy that you'd swear that there was a full-fledged backing band in play the whole time! Deceptic has a lot going for them and based on this LP, their first-full length endeavor and an album that I let soak in spin after glorious spin, they have the talent and enthusiasm to really make a go for it! This one will drop in late August although it sounds as if a single from "The Artifact" will be made available before that time as a bit of a teaser! You can find out more about Deceptic here:

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