Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Mandrágora-First Attack

Inkas Noise Records

There's a good reason why you should always check through your junk folder before you do a mass dump. This 7" EP from female-fronted traditional heavy metal act Mandrágora almost slipped past me as it (mistakenly) ended up in my junk folder. That would have been unfortunate altogether as this two-track release (the follow-up to the band's 2010 debut demo entitled "Steel Metal") paints the picture of one solid N.W.O.B.H.M./80's metal outfit climbing their way up the heavy metal mountain with style! Formed back in 2007 the band is fronted by the spectacular Fátima "Natthammer" with bassist Jorge Reinoso (Stonehead),    guitarists Hermán Gers & Paulo Manrique and drummer Abel Rios rounding out the fold. Initially this  (old-school heavy metal loving!) act sung in Spanish (with lyrics supposedly all about South-American mythology) until they decided a change was in order. In 2008 the band switched over to the English language and on "First Attack" you end up being treated to the raw speed metal fury of "Lady In Black" (picture early Running Wild, Merciful Fate and Iron Maiden mixing it up with 80's underground thrash!) and bass-heavy rocker "Snakebite" with it's Motörhead-like take on Warlock/Doro! It is true that when it comes to Mandrágora you are talking about that is more interested in reliving/reviving the past (listed influences include the likes of Iron Maiden, Saxon, Judas Priest, , Aria (RUS), Kipelov (RUS), Megadeth, Accept, UDO, Warlock & Doro, Running Wild, Grave Digger, Acid, Coven, Metalucifer (JPN), Hellhound (JPN), Dio, Rainbow and N.W.O.B.H.M.), but I challenge anyone out there to tell me what it is exactly that is so special about today's modern metal scene anyway? Mandrágora are a classic heavy metal/old-school metal band for fans of all things N.W.O.B.H.M., traditional heavy metal and 80's metal. In fact they are more like a dream come true for fans of the above listed genres as well as female-fronted heavy metal collectors! Blessed with a lead singer that's as good as Fátima "Natthammer" and a tight as shit backing band like this (special props to both the bass guitarist here and the two men handling axe duties!) you have a band that is screaming for wider exposure and that's where Metal Heart Media comes in! With Metal Heart Media now handling the PR for Mandrágora things are most certainly looking up for the five talented individuals that make up this (sick and sweet) true metal act!

Reportedly plans are underway for a full-length LP (due to be released in 2015) and from all-accounts both this EP and the band's live performances have been widely praised so Mandrágora does seem to be poised for bigger and better things. Though it is over 10 minutes long this 7" was sadly too short for my own preference as it just left me salivating for more METAL! Length issues aside, this 7" is still a great tide-over release as the band works it's way towards taking over the female-fronted metal scene (hell, maybe even the metal scene in general!). Stacked up next to similar sounding/themed bands like Lady Beast, Death Rides A Horse, Sign Of The Jackal and The Oath it becomes painfully obvious that there isn't much separating this Peru-based outfit from the big leagues! With the right set of breaks and a proper/deserved spotlight or two shining down on them and Mandrágora are right there. Hopefully that is the band's destiny as they don't make tried and true heavy metal bands like this anymore! Be sure to check out the group's Facebook page for more information and always keep an eye out for game changers like this!



After posting my review and then talking with the band members themselves they asked if I would pass along this information for anyone looking to pick up a copy of the excellent "First Attack" for themselves!

For EUROPE, JAPAN and OVERSEAS (except the USA and South America) you all may contact the label INKAS NOIZE RECORDS directly at the following email: luchitometal@hotmail.com or you can drop a PM to the guy behind INKAS NOIZE RECORDS in his Facebook profile here: 



For USA buyers: please get in touch with CONTAMINATED TONES PRODS here:



And for SOUTH AMERICA, please get in touch directly with the band: 


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