Monday, June 23, 2014

Tommy Wallach-I Meant It To Be Sweet

Rude Fox Records

The apt-titled "I Meant It To Be Sweet" (besides being an intricate sugary delight) is the outstanding sophomore release from Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter/writer Tommy Wallach. Following in the footsteps of a 2008 self-titled EP, "I Meant It To Be Sweet" (a wonderfully expressive quirky/alt.pop album that was at play this entire pat weekend) features contributions from the likes of (engineer and producer) Giulio Carmassi, Ben Davis (Cuddle Magic), Jeremy Gustin (Albert Hammond Jr., etc.) and Lizzy Loeb (daughter of Jazz guitarist Chuck Loeb). On any other day I'd call a release like this avant-garde (hints of pop, jazz, emo and theatrical music swirl around this release like a dizzying whirlpool!), but today I'm just going to call this a quaint excursion into pop rock territory where the rules (if there are to be any) are always open to imagination/interpretation! And that is one afternoon journey (which stretched into a full-length weekend thanks to repeated listens!) worth taking if you're into highly-intellectual, thoughtful and imaginative music with soulful reassurance! Surely "I Meant It To Be Sweet" won't be for everyone (for one thing it isn't going about things with a mindset of being mainstream!), but for those who do decided to invest in an album like this the payoff will be worthwhile!

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