Thursday, June 19, 2014

These Raven Skies-"No Need to Worry" Single

Blackstream Records

With a self-titled debut album due out in August, which you can (and should) pre-order as of June, Calgary-based These Raven Skies (formerly known as Dreams of Reason) present their infectious new single "No Need to Worry" and in the process answer the age old question "What would it sound like if Rob Zombie's (southern born and raised) cousin were to front a groove-based hard rock and roll outfit?". Featuring Jeff Martin of The Tea Party (a man who not only took the band under his wings, but helped them to stream-line their sound while simultaneous bringing in new and exciting elements to enhance their style-thus the name change!) "No Need to Worry" finds the band drawing upon their influences (everything from The Rolling Stones to Soundgarden) in order to pump out a hard & heavy rocker all of their own! For These Raven Skies (lead vocalist Perkins, guitarist Alex Whitcombe, bassist Trevor Landmark and
drummer Shand Munro) it's all about the music and when you're talking about hard-driving rock and roll music like this then it's not so much a message as i is a way of life!

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