Thursday, June 12, 2014

My Silent Wake-Eye of the Needle

Stone Groove Records

If you are a regular visitor to Heavy Metal Time Machine then chances are you will have likely noticed that UK-based death/doom rockers My Silent Wake Back (MSW) are a new favorite of mine. It was only a few months ago that I first picked up on this band's immense skill-level (thanks to a digital package's worth of prior releases) and back in May of this year I actually interviewed the band's founder, Ian Arkley (link below). At that time he made mention of an upcoming ambient release and now here it is with the calming (make that downright relaxing!), "Eye of the Needle", likely to stick with you long after experiencing it. So far "Eye of the Needle", which is MSW's 9th album overall (including two split CDs), is (sadly) only available as a digital download. Not that such a thing should stop anyone (especially fans of MSW!) from checking out this sublime (and reportedly mostly improvised) hour-plus album. Because really it's all about plugging yourself in and losing yourself anyway right? Music verses physical material should always result in music taking precedence. Or at least one would hope so! And this music can stand perfectly fine without a physical body to hold it up! "Eye of the Needle" is quite rich in it's own way although it's more comforting then anything. Here the music moves over top of your body like a deeply penetrating massage leaving you in a state of peace. I suspect though that words alone will not fully convey the enjoyment of a release like this one. One must listen to it in it's entirety to fully embrace the talent that a band like MSW has. And you can do exactly that (listen to this album in it's entirety) by heading over to the group's bandcamp page right here: where (and you can thank me for this later friends!) you too can experience the scope of MSW's latest. Released on June 8th, "Eye of the Needle" features Attrition's Martin Bowes (who actually ended up mixing three of the tracks here as well as mastering the whole album!) on additional keys and electronics (as if Ian Arkley's talents weren't enough reason to pursue an album like this one Bowes adds another element to the mix altogether!) and in the end this one proved to be a sure-fire winner! Truly "Eye of the Needle" adds to My Silent Wake's ( ever-growing legacy! That legacy will soon enough included a vinyl version of the album "Et Lux Perpetua" with the inclusion of early mixes entitled "And Everlasting Light" as well as a new death/doom album to be recorded in August and September at The Priory Studios near Birmingham. For more information on My Silent Wake be sure to visit any of the links below:

Interview with MSW's Ian Arkley:

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