Friday, May 30, 2014

Explain-Just The Tip


Here's a new one for ya-crossover thrash and jazzy/tech metal....combined. Oh, and there is also some punk rock and melodic death metal going on with this Vancouver, British Columbia-based outfit. Yep. That's Explain. Often-time humorous, sometimes just flat out weird. But, and this is a big old but friends, Explain are always spot-on (technically-speaking) and "Just The Tip" (their full-length debut which is now remaking the rounds thanks to Asher Media Relations) actually kicks! It empties you out with some menacing death growls, slick headbanging and sick (crossover) riffs before it fills you back up with some of the best jazz-inspired thrash this side of Atheist! And man, but does an album like "Just The Tip" ever stick to your ribs! Yummy! You can find them here: and for further fun you won't want to miss you can listen as this lot tackles John Lennon's "Imagine" here:

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