Monday, May 26, 2014

The Cheek of Her-"Write me a Letter"


Today we look in on the quirky and fun, London-based pop rock intuitive The Cheek of Her (aka: Helen Dooley) and her single, "Write me a Letter". With a new EP due to be released on May 30th entitled "Adult Angst Anonymous" (upon which you will be able to find said single) and one acoustic solo performance for the (other) new single "Guitar Muse" having recently shown up on Youtube ( list=PLUMPTUd56RnFGmdBcO1Ig0kjG4wC3DFSf), The Cheek of Her (TCOH) is everything there is to love about avant-garde dressed up in the form of delightful, keyboard-driven pop! A world-traveled woman of many hats, what with several degrees under her belt only complimenting her wonderful skills as a keyboardist and vocalist, this delightful singer-songwriter easily wins you over with her cheeky lyrics and (in a world of overly-digitized, Top 40 garbage) freshly-baked/sugary-sweet (and thus down-right addicting!)  take on pop-rock! ( ) pretty much nailed it when they said that The Check of Her sounds like a "fuller and heartier version of Lilly Allen but with the added edge familiar with Marina & The Diamonds and the quirkiness of Paloma Faith" although to be fair to Helen and her natural talent as a singer-songwriter I'd suggest one picture a place where pop-punk meets pop-rock under a rainbow of never ending (pop) possibilities! Besides, I'd add in an alphabet worth of other ingredients. From a dash or two of the B-52s to a spoon full of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and some helpful points of reference along the lines of both Adele and Zolof the Rock and Roll Destroyer, The Cheek of Her carefully picks the finest in comfort foods so that those listening in on her delightful pop end up filling nothing if not full and content! You can read about all Helen and her work right here: while you can check out the goodness of "Write me a Letter" over here:

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