Friday, May 23, 2014

Pantaleimon-The Butterfly Ate The Pearl

Grass Girl Music

"The Butterfly Ate The Pearl" makes album number five for England's Pantaleimon. And Pantaleimon is really "just" Andria Degens. Or for the most part. There are some guest musicians, but really this is the living and breathing art work of Andria Degens. This singer/songwriter is also a multi-instrumentalist and a talented/inspiring one at that! And Pantaleimon is her vision. Now, describing Pantaleimon is both simple and complicated. Simply stated this release, which was co-produced with Hugo Race, is psychedelic rock. Well, slowed down, progressive (or downright experimental if you want to be technical about "The Butterfly Ate The Pearl") and slightly dark and melancholy psychedelic rock, but still, it is what it is. When you slice into an album like "The Butterfly Ate The Pearl" though you get the sensation that there is so much more to the music of Pantaleimon. If only you could put your finger on exactly what that extra something is. It's there and it's not as if it is hidden, but putting into words seems like a rather fruitless endeavor. So the best hope that can be offered is that for Pantaleimon, who are rumored to have evolved into a different entity with "The Butterfly Ate The Pearl", psychedelic rock is a means to an end. Perhaps Andria Degens has taken Pantaleimon and helped it to emerge from it's own cocoon into a beautiful butterfly? That very well could be the case. I can't say for sure where Pantaleimon was prior to a release such as "The Butterfly Ate The Pearl", but where Andria has landed with album number five should be duly noted and yes, praised. Even-keeled and easy on the senses, "The Butterfly Ate The Pearl" (as both an album and a title track) had all the hallmarks of a lazy Sunday afternoon, mid-summer, where dreams and reality collide and you take in the beauty of nature while wishing that moments like that could go on forever. That isn't to say that "The Butterfly Ate The Pearl" is all "sunshine and lollipops". It should be stressed that Pantaleimon's latest work, while on the lighter side of psychedelic rock, is darkly romantic. It moves about at it's own pace and it does so without the need to add fake layers of glittery kitsch pop. And for that, a fresh approach at honest reflection, "The Butterfly Ate The Pearl" is all the more pleasing and warrants repeated listens!

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