Sunday, May 18, 2014

Eternal Silence - Raw Poetry

Underground Symphony

Are you a stickler for new releases and nothing else? Looking at the release date and wondering how fresh this LP really is? No worries. Don't let the date persuade you from checking out this female-fronted act from Varese, Lombardy. That's all part of the game when it comes to discovering new gems. Or in the case having them thrust upon you out of the blue and (oddly enough) with no hope of an English translation! So digging I went (and knee-deep in the hoop-la to boot) looking to see what was what with this remarkable symphonic metal collective and you know what? Soon enough I received another e-mail with some English text. And here's the deal friends. This one actually dropped at the tail end of 2013 it seems (meaning it's no more then six months old really and well within it's "Best By" date!) and it is the follow-up to the 2012, (self-released) 5-track EP, "Darkness and Regret". Oh, and it's pretty snazzy too! Amazingly enough vocalist Ophelia (Marika Vanni) is much more then mere beauty to the eyes (not that such a thing is all that growdbreaking0 as she can really sing and with some male band-mates that more then hold their own this thing really shines! Fairly creative, sparkling metal with a classy symphonic edge "Raw Poetry" proved to be such a care-free, easy going listen that I found myself drifting away into something fairly unknown to me these days-a state of restful, relaxation! How nice is that? So, to reiterate we're looking at classy, symphonic heavy metal with really nice female vocals and a sound that is soothing in a heavenly way. Works for me!

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