Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Order of Elijah - "God's Unwanted Children" Single


Joplin, Missouri's The Order of Elijah ( https://www.facebook.com/theorderofelijah), whose bio simply reads "5 American sinners. The music is heavy. The message is simple.", came by way of a recommendation with the single "God's Unwanted Children" apparently serving as their latest release. With at least one other full-length release to their name and a new album in the works for sometime later in 2014* the single "God's Unwanted Children", which is a number that I'm not exactly sure if it was released under the group's former label (Rottweiler Records) or independently,  falls under the category of deathcore. Available for free at Noisetrade (http://noisetrade.com/theorderofelijah/gods-unwanted-children), "God's Unwanted Children" finds The Order of Elijah, in a none-too-subtle fashion, calling out those who have tried to tear the band down and doing it in such a way that it delivers the message loud and clear! Having shared shred the stage with the likes of Attila, Born of Osiris, Upon A Burning Body, Impending Doom, After The Burial, War of Ages, The Great Commission, Motionless in White, Lionheart, The Browning, I Declare War, As Blood Runs Black, Molotov Solution, and even Cattle Decapitation(!!!), The Order of Elijah (or TOOE for short) are one of those bands that people (ie: metalheads) will either love or hate depending upon how one personally feels about deathcore. Especially deathcore with lots of insane screaming and breakdowns/beatdowns! With a current line-up (per Facebook) that features vocalist Shannon Low, guitarists Bryan Cox & Myk Lee, bassist Tyler Greenlee and drummer Josh Newlon, The Order of Elijah proved to be an interesting (if unexpected) suggestion that I'm not exactly sure of one way or the other. That doesn't man that I'm not sold on the lot or that I found "God's Unwanted Children" to be a real slammer. It merely means that I'll need to hear more from Joplin's TOOE to make a definitive conclusion, but also that I'm open to such an idea.

*Reportedly titled "War At Heart", The Order of Elijah's upcoming disc will be released later this year under the Project Independent Artist Alliance.

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