Sunday, May 25, 2014

Dementor-Demo 2014


Hey, somebody put hardcore in my thrash! Scratch that, somebody put thrash in my hardcore! Never mind the nonsense it's Altoona, PA-based Dementor! And, here's their bio: "Railroad City hardcore. Est. 2014. Bang your head or bang your dick!". Subtle and yet straight to the point right? Granted there is nothing subtle about this two-track demo! "Betrayer" (1:48) and "Chained" (2:04) do the old "wreck your crib, knock about your neighbors" via metallic hardcore influenced as much by Sick Of It All as Slayer! Dementor, featuring Troy and Glenn on vocals (as two mouths are better then one!), Ty on guitar, Noah on guitar and vocals, Shaun on bass and vocals and Rocco on the drums, are offering this one as a name your own price download and friends, it's worth every cent! You can find it here: while you can read all about these raw rockers here: And really, despite the early morning "man, I need more coffee if I have any hope of functioning" write-up on this 2-track release, "Demo 2014" is pretty rad in a real, garage metal hardcore/basement metal hardcore kind of way. I'd actually like to hear more from this lot as their almost punk-like, D.I.Y approach to playing and recording is a reminder of the way hardcore used to be!

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