Saturday, May 24, 2014

Interview with Characula

"The desire of a woman... mixed with the blood of a she-demon...". That is Characula, a divine rock goddess that is neither a vampire, nor a werewolf, mummy or any other creature known from myth and folklore. No, she is much more. A supreme priestess for a world which is undeserving, she is a gorgeous goddess of the underworld, one filled with darkness and delight. Characula, having already blessed us once before by gracing these pages ( ), could have left it at that. And yet not only did she allow this mere mortal (one of nothing but flesh and bones!) to come before her in humble servitude, which was as scary as it was sensational(!), but Characula was gracious enough to answer questions from me, a pitiful slave to her awe inspiring power! Read on and have your eyes opened. Be forewarned though. Characula will have you as her own. No one escapes her seductive gaze. No one...

Andy-Who, or better yet what, is Characula? Are you really a rock goddess or something more...sinister?

Characula-I am a transcendental being spawned by evil and mothered by death. I also have a great personality and am a lot of fun to be with!

Andy-Let's be honest, You're not of this realm are you?

Characula-I am from a place Dante describes in his journey through Hell: the Circle of Lust. But even he doesn’t quite get it right. Could you imagine being at any point in the space-time continuum at will? For example, I can simultaneously inhabit the 3rd, 69th, and 666th dimensions, all in one blow ;)

Andy-Have you come to serve mankind of enslave us? If it's the second part might I offer up my services willingly!

Characula-I have come to gorge myself on the carnal bounties of man… and play a few shows in the process. It’s the perfect way to entrap my victims. Like the tarantula in my mummy video, they will come willingly. :) When are you available?

Andy-I am at your beck and call! Now tell me, if I am not being too forward in asking a high goddess or your stature, when it comes to your music-is it meant to entrap mankind? There is something mesmerizing about it. When I listen to it I lose all track of time and my surroundings....

Characula-I see you’ve already fallen victim. The songs are written to render you senseless in all but your basest proclivities; a soul tenderizer for impending… adventure. 

Andy-"Headstone" is just the latest feast of the senses. Could you tell us more about what came before that track and what we have in store coming up?

Characula-"Headstone" is a song dedicated to my last ten boyfriends - may they all rest in peace - and the future ones I’ll have during my Circle of Lust tour in the U.K. later this summer! Preceding "Headstone" were "Deadlight District Dolls" – a shout out to my gurlz back home, "Mummy Dance" and "Ready for Love", all of which made it to the national airwaves and placed in the top 50 of the U.S. Mediabase Activator charts.

There are an additional six or seven equally spellbinding original Characula hits that will be included on my album, due out toward the end of the year. I never play all my cards at once.

Andy-You're working with the mortal Dito Godwin if I'm correct right?

Characula-Yes. I chose Dito because he is an accomplished musician and has a track record [pun intended] of working with classic rock acts, many of which are known worldwide. Though I am everlasting, my patience is not! I align myself with success. 

Andy-For anyone else who wishes to be a willing subservient where should I direct them?

Characula-I've adopted the ways of the 21st century and have gotten my own webpage, Facebook and twitter accounts!

Andy-As we part what message would you like to leav for mankind?

Characula-Eat well. You taste better that way. And come to me shows. I would love to taste...I mean...see you!

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