Monday, May 26, 2014

Free Metal Monday: Hells Headbangers-Compilation vol. 7

Home to such acts as High Spirits, Witch Cross, Tiger Junkies and Midnight (all of which, besides being  fave moments of mine/bands we've covered here at HMTM, are included on this wicked awesome digital compilation!) Hells Headbangers is a label that covers a lot of ground (genre-wise) not only with it's roster of artists, but on track-wise on "Compilation vol. 7". This freebie is simply the latest cool compilation from this very cool label and besides the already mentioned four acts this 21-track release features the likes of October 31, Children Of Technology, Nunslaughter, Cemetery Lust, Evilnight, Nocturnal Graves and Zemial! You can find it here:  and, if that's not enough excitement for you, you can preview/download the previously released compilations here:

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