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Space Elevator-Space Elevator


I first mentioned UK-rockers Space Elevator this past Thursday ( and made mention that I would cover the album as soon as I got my hands on it. As promised here it is. The band, which finds it's inspiration from 70's and 80's rock acts, was formed by We Will Rock You guitarist David Young (electric guitar, classical guitar, acoustic guitar) and features famed bassist Neil Murray (Whitesnake/Black Sabbath/Gary Moore), keyboardist/pianist/synth main (and so much more!) Ellott Ware (The Who/Rock of Ages) and session drummer Brian Greene. And, lest we forget (something that wouldn't really be possible once you've laid eyes on her!), the one thing that really makes Space Elevator spectacular is lead vocalist The Duchess! As lovely as she is though (especially in that jumpsuit of hers!) it's actually her powerful performance on the mic that sets this 70's themed "supergroup" apart from the rest of the retro-themed pack! Mind you I may be a tad bit impartial thanks to the inclusion of "I Will Find You (Gallifrey Dreams)" (I've been a Dr. Who fanatic since first laying eyes on the show as a lonely and lost 14 year old teen and have been hooked since then!), but overall Space Elevator's debut album (only available on CD and LP friends!) is solid all around. Where to begin though? How about we start with the album's first single/opener "Elevator"? Even if "I Will Find You (Gallifrey Dreams) won me over the groups first single is splendid, radio-friendly rock with a bit of an arena rock vibe going for it. As much a product of yesterday as today (hints of melodic rock, AOR and classic rock intertwine with this group's modern day rock-based musical endeavors) Space Elevator captures your attention pretty early on thanks to "Elevator" before heading off into an almost Queen-like trance on "We Are The Losers". Well, it's more like Queen if Queen was inspired by shows such as Rock of Ages and the musical aspirations of bands like Boston and Journey. And speaking of Journey, "Loneliness Of Love" sounds like a female-fronted version of this long-running American  band! It's not the only instance though where the band reaches into the vaults of classic rock and roll and finds inspiration, but it's a pretty clear interpretation all the same! We've gotten a bit ahead of ourselves it seems as we should take a look at "Ordinary Day". Here we find The Duchess flaunting her vocal range on a number which has 80's soft rock written all over it. Then there is the upbeat "Little White Lies", a charming rocker which a more peppier take on feisty female rock (in other-words it's fantastic! Wanting a sound that captures the whole listening experience (this is very much a AOR-styled LP)
lead guitarist David Young and his band-mates tap into the power of rock with the likes of "More Than Enough" while a softer cut such as the Heart-like "We Can Fly" allows the listener the opportunity to have the full-experience, listening in from beginning to end so that you can feel the full-range of Space Elevator. As front-woman The Duchess says: "We wrote and recorded with the ethos of Queen, Genesis, Fleetwood Mac and even Kate Bush. Those artists would record albums to be listened to as exactly that: an album. We want people to listen to the whole record from beginning to end, rather than cherry-picking favorite tracks, which is so common with downloads these days". When "Move On" kicks in you realize that you've had a rare event transpire before you. You've witnessed a real RECORD and not just some singles inter-cut with fillers. The joy of that simply cannot be be understated! "Move On" closes Space Elevator's first LP (and by LP I mean this one probably sounds the best on vinyl!) in fine fashion and whether you are interested in rockers or ballads "Space Elevator" has you covered. Is it possible then? Can this band resurrect the concept of music as a full-fledged experience, an album's worth of material which focuses on the package as a whole and not just hit singles? That would be wonderful if they could. They have the players in place, talented musicians who shine collectively and feel more then a little bit like the great rock bands of old (back when bands were bands and not just hotshot guitarists and/or vibrant front-men who overshadow the other members of the group). Really, even as good as The Duchess is (great range and emotional power!) it's Space Elevator as a whole that works. And it's the same for their 11-track debut. You can order a CD copy for yourself at the link below (incl. signed ones I believe!) and if you happen to find yourself in London on July 25th then why not witness the band live at the 100 Club, Oxford Street?

It's sure to be a one of a kind show (if anyone wants to fly me over there and put me up as a B-day present (July 11th) that would be excellent!) as this band has the perfect mix of style and substance! You can find out more information about that/pick up tickets for the show at Space Elevator's website (linked below) and be sure to head to the group's Facebook page here:

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