Monday, June 02, 2014

Edward Rogers-Kaye

Zip Records

For the uninitiated, UK-born (Birmingham, England), NYC-based Edward Rogers is a singer-songwriter who began his long and varied career behind the drum kit, playing in several garage bands. That was just as the British Invasion began here in the States and now, all these years later and following a life-changing accident (see below for details) that would see this prolific singer-songwriter take on a new role. With  "Kaye", Edward Rogers' fifth solo album (fourth on Zip Records) which was recorded live in the span of just three days(!) and is inspired by/dedicated to the late English singer-songwriter Kevin Ayers (Soft Machine), this extremely talented singer-songwriter pays tribute to Ayers not only by covering his "After The Show" in fine fashion, but by way of  the overall vibe of "Kaye". Teamed up with (among others) musicians such as James Mastro (Ian Hunter, Bongos), Sal Maida (Roxy Music, Sparks, Cracker), Joe McGinty (Psychedelic Furs) and Dennis Diken (The Smithereens) Edward Rogers has released a charming album that (in his own words) is "a mixture of madness and softness". For fans of Kevin Ayers (a true psychedelic legend!) this album will end up being a welcomed-addition as the same soft, comforting and melodic undertones that made Ayers so remarkable are on full display here. The fact that "Kaye" was created over a mere three days only adds to the sense of wonderment this impressive album holds and for Edward Rogers, a man who is every bit as good a vocalist as he is a lyricist, it would be understandable if he was than a little bit proud of his latest solo release. The beautiful "Kaye" is due to released in July and one can't help but to get the impression that this is one of those fine albums that will be making an appearance on more then a few "Best of 2014" lists!

In 1985 a subway accident left Edward without his right arm and right leg below the knee. Unable to continue as a drummer he eventually turned to songwriting and actually found that he enjoyed singing and writing more then playing drums.

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