Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Four Fours-"Count To Ten" Single


Hailing from the UK's Derbyshire and featuring members with previous ties to math rock "wonder-band" You Slut! (hence the subtle tip of the hat that is their current name) we have The Four Fours. Or, as the band like's to put it themselves: "We’re The Four Fours, an alternative rock trio from lovely, hilly Derbyshire in the UK". Released this past March, "Count To Ten", which has already received high-praise and seen plenty of airplay from there home country to here in the states, is a single from said three-piece band that will see an official release on July 14th (three days after I turn 41!) as a double A-side release "Messing with History". It's also a number that should be foreshadowed by a public service announcement that says something akin to "Attention all rads and rockers, attention all rads and rockers" (something that is more effective I'll admit if you use the mall speaker voice from the original "Dawn of the Dead" (the "Attention all shoppers" piece that plays after Peter and Roger turn all the switches on at the mall) instead of my voice which is sort of all tired and horse from playing video games and screaming about in the pool with my teens all day!). But yeah, anytime I make a "Dawn of the Dead" reference in a review it's a good thing (even if it's really random and off the wall like this) and with "Count To Ten", which you can preview via it's official (D.I.Y.-Style!) video here: . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EmlbdfezEs4&feature=youtu.be, we're talking all kinds of crazy good fun! Wearing primate masks(!) these Derbyshire rockers give their "Count To Ten" a nice look while the song is more (heavy) garage rock then anything. "Count To Ten" is kind of catchy, sort of crunchy and really more indicative of the fun-loving underground rock scene of the nineties then today (vibe-wise as it's assuredly modern in structure and would knock the daylights out of the likes of the Foo Fighters and their kind!), but it's a great listen all the same! That's kind of the gist of what we have going on with The Four Fours and their "Count To Ten" and hopefully I'll be able to cover that Double-A single when it drops!

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