Monday, June 16, 2014

Free Metal Monday: Gravity Rain-The Shining Silence


With no reviews posted this past weekend I thought I'd make up for it by posting two great (free) downloads. The first one (a 27 track promo compilation) was just posted and while that release covered a wide-range of artists this "name you're own price" digital download simply covers Russia's own Gravity Rain. Of course that's not to say that there is anything simple about Gravity Rain and/or the music of "The Shinning Silence"! For one thing Gravity Rain isn't so much a band as a mission. And the man behind this mission? Well, that would be Russian songwriter Danny Klaven (vocals/guitars). In his own word's this talented vocalist/songwriter says: "When I was forming this band, I wanted to create music for the rock lovers that is not aggressive, that you could think and somewhat meditate while listening to it, that will have a lot of melody, beautiful vocals, but will retain the power of metal guitars and drums." Sound's good right? Here in Gravity Rain (a project that interesting enough was initially described to me as somewhat of a fusion of Tool and the Devin Townsend Band) Danny enlisted musicians Artyom Kuznetsov (guitars), Dmitry Aleksandrin (bass) and Nikita Kochkin (drums) and the results are pretty solid as far as this three-track EP goes. Mission-wise Danny succeeds as Gravity Rain does have plenty of melody as well as powerful metal guitars and drums.  Gravity Rain could best be described as a cross between  melodic metal and (progressive) power metal and on their bandcamp page ( further mention is made of Staind and In Flames (as far as sound goes). The Staind reference point is actually a good addition to the Tool and Devin Townsend ones as Gravity Rain relies on modern day heavy rock with punch! All told "The Shining Silence" is well-written and performed and for those who enjoy heavy, guitar-punctuated melodic rock/metal a EP like this one should find plenty of fans!

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