Friday, June 13, 2014

Super Massive Black Holes-Calculations of the Ancients

Minotauro Records.

Kitchen sink metal anyone? Canadian band Super Massive Black Holes has you covered. Formed back in 2010 by the band's two guitarists, Denver Bergreen (Anakronis) and Jake Reimer (Statue of Demur), and with a pair of EPs having presided this, their first full-length album, "Calculations of the Ancients", this is one bad that sure seems to live and breath by the motto "the more the merrier"! In this case that's a hairy buffalo's worth of inebriating beverages from the potent, pure grade alcohol that is death metal to the juicy mixes such as progressive rock, post-rock and free-form jazz! And when tackled by this up-and-coming metal band it seems to go from business to usual to all out chaos and destruction! Or to put it another way, this is about a 50/50 kind of release where Super Massive Black Holes are either capable of really nailing it or widely striking out! Naturally points are awarded for trying their hands at something as advantageous as "Calculations of the Ancients", but next time around could we possibly look into getting a lead vocalist with a bit more range?

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