Sunday, June 29, 2014

Psyyke-1983 - 1985

Svart Records

Don't fret if the name doesn't ring any bells. Finland's Psyyke are an obscure bunch. Or at least outside of their home country. And seeing as this vinyl only release is limited to only 500 copies that bit isn't likely to change anytime soon. This 16-track compilation follows the band from 1983 until 1985 while they were set doing the whole post-punk thing (apparently they took a turn towards pop around 1986 or so) and (other then maybe the language barrier) is likely to hit quite a few of the right notes for those folks into raw/primitive punk rock and roll. Starting off in 1983 with the group's first privately pressed 7 inch single, "Temppeli / Neondertal" this collection gathers together a bunch of demo material (14 tracks in all with this whole release having been restored and mastered for what it's worth) in order to make the point that there was some substance to Psyyke's early post punk years. Despite being a bit of a hit on the underground sound-scape the band remained unsigned until 1986 when they were finally picked up by Finnlevy for an EP release. Unfortunately by that point (in a case of changing trends and styles) Psyyke's sound was less post-punk and more pop. It does pose the question as to whether Psyyke quite on the scene or if the scene quite on Psyyke? Whichever way you choose to look at it this compilation does a solid job of showcasing an underground punk band who just happened to hail from Finland. But the keyword should always be punk as that is what Psyyke was between a small time frame in the early eighties.

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